Sheriff Tom Dart on COVID’s effect on inmates, Cramer on fraud, Falkoff on law schools, Stokes on lawyers WFH

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart on containing Coronavirus in the inmate population for the largest single jail site in the United States.

BRG Managing Director of Global Investigations Jeffrey Cramer discusses how first responders are dealing with the virus and fighting fraud.

Northern Illinois University College Of Law Associate Dean Marc Falkoff discusses the pandemic’s impact on law schools.

The American Lawyer staff reporter Samantha Stokes discusses the unique challenges faced by attorneys working from home.

In a home office edition of Legal Grab Bag, Rich & Sam (Tina had a conflict) are joined by Loeb & Loeb partner Andrew DeVooght, Teneo Senior Managing Director Patricia Hetu, Washington University Art History Student Gabriella Hetu, ClaimsXchange Executive Director Sydney Posner and South Plantation High School seniors Grant & Jake Posner to discuss legal news ripped from the headlines including terrorism & hate crime charges to fight virus-related crimes, a major Supreme Court case altering the insanity defense, a Purell class action lawsuit and celebrity inmates asking to be released due to the pandemic.

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