Rich Lenkov and Brian Rosenblatt Present to NIU’s Entertainment Law Class

Capital member Rich Lenkov and income member Brian Rosenblatt recently gave a presentation to Northern Illinois University (NIU) College of Law’s Entertainment Law class on March 24. Scott Prestin (COL ’95), the director of the documentary, also joined.

Rich and Scott discussed creating CHILA productions, producing “’85: The Greatest Team In Football History” and the many legal issues involved. Rich and Brian focused on how the team successfully defended a federal copyright lawsuit against the film and CHILA. Brian also discussed daily life as an entertainment lawyer and how students can begin their careers in the industry. 

Rich also presented a lecture to NIU College of Law’s Externship program on March 23. Rich discussed how to deal with difficult opposing counsels, best billing practices, legal writing, negotiation skills, organizational/efficiency skills and the importance of marketing. NIU’s externship program provides practical and real-world experience for students entering the job market.

On March 18, Rich also participated in NIU College of Law’s Student Bar Association Practice Interview event. Rich interviewed first-year law students, providing them a review and discussion on how to improve their skills.

Rich is a 1995 NIU College of Law alumni and has served on the Board of Visitors for 13 years. He previously received the 2013 Alumnus of the Year Award and the 2016 NIU College of Law Outstanding Alumni Award.

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