Merrick Garland, Alan Dershowitz Discusses Inaccuracies In The OJ Simpson Movie, Corruption In Illinois, Inside Out columnists, Hulk Hogan

This week, Rich and Jason welcome former Supreme Court clerk Andy DeVooght to discuss the possibility of Merrick Garland being affirmed as a Supreme Court justice.

  • They then examine inaccuracies in The People v OJ Simpson movie with Harvard Law Professor Emeritus and former OJ defense lawyer Alan Dershowitz
  • UIC Professor, author & former alderman Dick Simpson discusses a record year for public corruption in Illinois
  • They then welcome Chicago Lawyer Magazine Inside Out columnists Christina Martini and David Susler to review the importance of making the correct decisions
  • Finally, Jason & Rich discuss Hulk Hogan’s win against Gawker, a celebrity chef being sued for sexual harassment, the legal implications of the Adam LaRoche situation and much more in the Legal Grab Bag

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