Legal Face-Off Supreme Court Panel, State Representative Lou Lang on the Equal Rights Amendment, Inside Out Columnists on leaving a legacy and much more

Carolyn Shapiro, founder and co-director of Chicago-Kent’s Institute on the Supreme Court of the United States and Dr. Adam Feldman of Empirical SCOTUS join the show to talk about significant Supreme Court decisions including one legalizing sports betting.

Illinois State Representative Lou Lang discusses his efforts to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment.

Abrams, Fensterman Executive Partner Carolyn Reinach Wolf discusses an important recent case involving the liability of colleges when students commit suicide.

Chicago Lawyer Magazine Inside Out’s David Susler joins his co-columnist Tina to talk about the importance of leaving a legacy.

In the Legal Grab Bag, Tina and Rich cover breaking legal developments involving Prince, Jay-Z, law school news and whether chimpanzees enjoy habeas corpus rights.

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