How President Trump Will Reshape The Supreme Court, “Forgotten Baby Syndrome”, Brendan Dassey, Tracy Morgan, Madonna And More!

Rich and Jason bring back their SCOTUS panel to discuss how President Donald Trump will reshape the Supreme Court with Professor Ronald Rotunda, Professor Lucas A. Powe Jr. and former U.S. Supreme Court Clerk Andy DeVooght.

Rich and Jason then welcome Professor David Diamond of University of South Florida to discuss the Justin Harris murder conviction and how a parent could leave their child in the car.

Next, Chicago Lawyer Magazine Inside Out columnists David Susler and Christina Martini join Rich and Jason to discuss why lawyers should act as business partners to their clients.

Finally, in this week’s Grab Bag, Rich and Jason discuss legal news involving former congressmanAaron Schock, Ed Vrdolyak, Brendan Dassey, Madonna and Tracy Morgan.

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