Cosby, Law Firm Diversity, Chicago Fire Dept Gender Discrimination, Cleveland Indians Connection To Chicago Legal Community And More!

Rich and Jason are joined by Chicago Alderman Leslie Hairston to discuss lack of diversity in law firms.

Next, Rich and Jason welcome Jessica Jackson Sloan, national director and co-founder of #cut50, to discuss reducing the American prison population.

Rich and Jason are also joined by attorneys Marni Willenson and Joshua Karsh to discuss their lawsuit against the Chicago Fire Department for alleged gender discrimination.

BONUS INTERVIEW: Attorney Blair Kipnis joins Legal Face-Off to discuss what it was like trying to balance his practice in Chicago while supporting his brother, star Cleveland 2nd baseman Jason Kipnis, in the World Series.

Finally, in this week’s grand slam Legal Grab Bag, Rich and Jason discuss the hot car trial, “Judge” Rhonda Crawford and celebrity lawsuits including Sumner Redstone, Tom Seizemore, Dr. Dre, Suge Knight and Slash.

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